We truly believes in taking initiatives to maximize career development opportunities of employees through training sessions, various learning programs and talent- review processes. Our corporate philosophy nurtures individual talent and motivates them to perform qualitatively.The essence of training is employee development and to install awareness among the team members towards various quality models and put them to practice in order to do things right the first time every time. We endeavors to provide a learning environment for all employees and believes that investing in employee development results in company's growth as well.

Specialized Courses

At Dr Jain's , we have tailor made specialized courses structured for targeted individuals we constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills. Theon conducts training programs in the form of class room training and workshops led by seniors, Theon executive and renowned faculties and consultancies. Theon ensures employee's regular participation in special workshops held at various locations offering exchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices that occur across the different locations.

Group Brain Storming Sessions

At Dr Jain's, group brain storming sessions are held on regular basis which inspires creativity and innovation. These sessions encourage participants to discuss their own real business issues, exchange ideas and solve problems. These sessions also bring together employees from different departments to build informal networks and team work essential for success. These sessions takes place in an environment that stimulates sharing of ideas and builds personal and professional bonds among the employees.

Annual Talent Review

At Dr Jain's, annual review is conducted in order to assess leadership potentials of the employees and evaluate employee development programs for key talent. We believe in continuous professional and personal development of employees, and overall development of the organization.The training program aims is to develop the personality of an employee by increasing his/her skills for performing the required jobs.

Development Programme

We also prepare them extensively for the tough jobs ahead of them at a higher level. Our training is support program that mutually helps both the organization as well as the employees. We target our focus on programmes designed specifically for the job profile while keeping in mind the qualification and the expertise required. There exist a very high and smooth system in the company for arranging regular training / orientation programs for different categories of staff members in production, maintenance, quality control, testing laboratories, product development, sales and marketing. In house training programs are monthly features while we are regularly using the services of outside private and government agencies for imparting training to our technical staff. We also do arrange orientation programs by inviting experts of repute in pharmaceuticals industry.

Workshops & Seminars

Dr Jain's believes in continuous professional & personal development of employees and overall development of organization by regular participation of staff members in Workshops & Seminars.