Treatment of Diabetes Insulin Substitute in homoeopathy India

Treatment of diabetes

According to medical term Diabetes is a disease which is occurs when a person having high blood glucose or blood sugar. This disease is occurs when our insulin production is poor or faulty. Diabetes is a long term disease which is responsible for high blood sugar. There are individual reasons which are responsible for this disease. If you are doing smoking then it will generate a cause of diabetes and if more fatty then this area is a main reason of diabetes. When you suffering from this problem then your blood do not produces proper insulin.

There are lots of symptoms of this disease. Here we discuss some of them-

  • Eyes Blurred vision
  • Smell of acetone in breadth
  • Weight Loss
  • Urinary polyuria

These are some symptoms which are indicates this disease. In India there are number of people are covering from this kind of disease. And there is treatment of diabetes in homoeopathy is also available. A hormone called insulin which is outcome by the pancreas that is responsible for controlling the moment of sugar in the form of glucose across from our individual body cells. When the amount of sugar is high in our blood then diabetes occurs. homoeopathy is very supportive for treatment of diabetes. homoeopathy treatment firstly improves the general health of a person with diabetes. If a person with diabetes is in good health then the insulin requirements will be steady and blood glucose is also well control. So insulin substitute is very well done with homoeopathy treatment. Our Specialist in homeopathic will surely guide you in better way and solve your every disease.